Polyurethane STATHANE technical information

Polyurethane STRATHANE Moulding

CEF Strathane polyurethane elastomers are ranges of elastic materials with high physical and mechanical properties.

These include tensile strength, cut, tear resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, flex life and damping properties.

They can be used instead of or combined with other building materials to meet the most demanding applications.



  • Extended formulation range hardness from 35 sh A to 99 Sh A – 70 sh D
  • High elasticity
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Exceptional shock resistance
  • High damping capacity
  • High load capacity
  • Very good electrical insulation
  • Use up to a temperature of 95°c continuously
  • Excellent aging resistance
  • Excellent resistance to water, light and ozone
  • Very good resistance to chemical agents
  • Easily adhesive
  • Heat bonding on steel, aluminium, cast iron, composite insert
  • High and constant resilience
  • Large elongation before rupture
  • Excellent flexural strength
  • Very good resistance to microorganisms
  • Easy machining from 90 Sh A
RIM moulding

Low pressure injection in closed mould of 2 or 3 liquid components previously degassed and mixed to obtain a rigid polymer.

Because of the low cost of tools, this solution is perfectly suited for the production of small series.

PU polymer from 95 to 99 Sh A and up to 80 Sh D.

Replaces plastic parts when needed, a good resistance to abrasion, to shocks and to aging.

Parts made-to-order


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