Solutions and products

Bobbins mounts, Silentbloc, Cabin, Dampers, Bearings
A wide range to cover all applications, all loads, static or vehicle mounted
Pads, Insulated foundations, Floating floor
Easy use, cutting, personalised study for floating floor and foundations
Anti-vibration feet, Levelling feet, Precision wedges
To quickly install, level, isolate noise and vibrations from industrial processes
Air mounts, Lab tables
Air springs for active and passive insulation from low frequencies excellent shock absorber
Steel springs, Hangers
High performance vibratory insulation, excellent resistance to aging and insensitive to temperature
Leveling Casters
Perfectly adapted to the current requirements of the production 4:0. Castor FX is design and value our equipment.
Springs, Standard parts for dies and moulds
Replacing Belleville bushings or steel springs, high load capacity, small footprint, damping, non-corrosive.
Semi-finished products, plates, bars, hollow rods, rods
Wide dimensional range from 50 to 70 Sh D machinable products for high hardness, cut to order
Parts molded according customers specifications
PU low pressure moulding from 50 to 99 Sh A (70 Sh D) from simple to complex shape, a few grams until 450 kg. bonding to metal or plastics available

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