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CEF POLYMERES produce technical elastomers components in polyurethane and rubber to metal for Manufacturing tools and machines Processing equipment, Materials handling, Agriculture, Vehicle, Power generation, Mining and building...

Value-added products for dynamic loading, intended for securing, damping shocks, isolating vibrations, reducing frictional wear, reducing noise, sealing components and coupling. Elastomeric springs, and levelling elements.


  • Accompanying our customers in their development.
  • Looking for the best quality in terms of cost objectives.
  • Durability of proposed solutions. We are able to replace the products we sold in the 60s.
  • Encouraging the promotion and creativity of our collaborators.
  • Maintaining a good partnership with our subcontractors.
  • Maintaining a responsive organisation.
  • Using the least harmful chemicals and pollutants.

CEF Polymères Booth


CEF Polymères is one of the few companies able to master the transformation of elastomer ranges that are complementary but also very different from one another to process.

  • Polyurethane and rubber.
  • 2 dedicated production sites according production specification.
  • 1 facility rubber to metal.
  • 1 facility production polyurethane.
  • European Partnerships and Sourcing.
  • Integrated Engineering office, specific calculations tools according to trade.

Low gravity casting polyurethane

Rubber moulding on compression presses, injection moulding

Mechanical workshop for machining and tooling, finishing and deburring workshop



  • Calculation and simulation of the vibratory behaviour of suspended equipment.
  • Center of gravity calculation.
  • Simulation according to the excitatory frequencies.



  • Quick prototypes raw materials selection.
  • Designing CAD/CAE part.
  • Optimisation of product functions and lightening of parts. In house tooling development and manufacture.



  • Pre-production validation.
  • Abrasion machine.
  • Durability test.
  • Dynamic stiffness.
  • Axial & radial static stiffness.
  • Creep test.

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